Tonight is a starless sky,
I’m lost with what, how and why.
As the rain pours from the clouds,
I’m caught as the darkness crowds.

The rain serves as the sky’s tears,
While darkness looms upon my fears,
No hand’s there for me to hold,
And I feel the biting cold.

Like the sky, am I alone?
No one there to call my own.
The sun has the moon as bride,
The stars have each other’s side.

I see a man with his wife,
Death is always paired with life,
Bows have arrows, war has peace,
A hug’s better with a kiss.

I see my very existence,
As I pray to the heavens,
When shall I find the answers?
Chasing truth as it wanders.

Though I keep on asking why,
Trust me, I will always try.
I made a promise to you,
I’ll stand up and start anew.

Just this once, let me break down,
For I’ll turn my life around.
I only ask you to stay,
So I will not lose my way.

Like the sky I am alone,
No one there to call my own.
You’re the only one I’ve got.
Your words do matter a lot.

I shall continue this fight,
And battle darkness with light.
‘Coz one day we’ll have our drink,
With just happy thoughts to think.

(10 July 2010)

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