Dear K,

As the subject of this letter goes, I miss you. I miss you badly.

I miss your smile and the weird way it makes your face lighter and how it makes you look younger. I miss your laugh and how it always comforts me knowing you are happy with me. I miss your stories and how they make me curious to learn more about you.

I miss how your presence comfort me even in the midst of all distress. I miss how you can take away all my fears when I feel so uncertain how to proceed. I miss how can just silence all the noise in my head, by the mere touch of your hand.

I miss our conversations. Those random ones that we do when we see anything funny, weird, or annoying. Those moments you share to me a song, a movie, some food, or even just anything. I miss those late night deep conversations where you opened your heart and yourself to me. I miss how you would say that you are happy just because we are together.

I miss you, really. As if my whole being had lost the will to continue with life. You have left a void in me that no one else can fill. A void that becomes bigger as each day pass by that I don’t get to see you or talk to you.

I miss you but I can no longer hold on. I miss you but I can no longer wait. I miss you but it already hurts.

You have given me so much, now it is so difficult to forget.


15 June 2015
6 days before I let you go

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