Our story may not be as different as many, yet our relationship is so different it baffles everyone. A story borne out of a long series of unfortunate circumstances. A story that covers distances–traversing time and space. A story of many plot twists choreographed to reveal a mystic, perhaps divine, plan.

We were both young and stupid. Well, you were young, I was stupid. We were at a time that we wished we knew better. Both reeling from the pains of failed relationships, we jumped into what could make us whole. We were drunk with the idea that a new love is what would save us. Fueled with passion, we threw ourselves to spontaneous adventures. The promise of a kiss was enough to keep us moving forward.

We kept chasing sunrises, but we never made it to the sunsets. Ours was a love story that survived the darkness of dawn and went to see the sunrise, yet ours was a love that never made it to the sunset. We were stuck somewhere in between. Burnt by the noon sun and struggling through the afternoon heat, we gave up. Like the sand in the beach, we were caught by the coming tide and the receding current. We got stuck in the crossroads of our own lives.

We were both afraid of so many things. We were only brave, I’d like to think, only to admit that we love each other. But we were never brave enough to face the challenges it brought us. We both knew we wanted to be together, we saw ourselves living a life we both dreamt of. However, our own separate lives got in the way and we have choices to make. Tough, painful choices.

Our paths met at a crossroad filled with uncertainties made certain. We tried to turn broken promises into patched-up hopes. We took seemingly unfit pieces and tried to create a beautiful picture that only showed our flaws and brokenness, yet the imperfections made it perfect. We were becoming a couple that everyone would envy.

Until that glitch in the plan. That other crossroad we never expected to come. The plot twist no one knew was coming because it was well hidden in the story. The moment that would eventually bring the series to its end.

The sun now sets in my city, the same way it sets in yours. You were once my moon that brought light into the night. The perpetually patient moon that illuminates everything the darkness consumed. You were the flame that kept burning through midnight, casting away the shadows of the monsters that haunt me.

You were the hill that brought me comfort in the many days I got tired of tending my flock. You were the path that led me through the maze of confusion. You were the water that brought me the beauty of spring. You were and you will always be my beloved.

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