Prologue: THE END

There I was, lying on the gurney. IV tubes run into my arms, monitors beeping my vitals, doctors hurrying to do all they could in order to save me.

But I’m ready to go. This is exactly the way I wanted to die. I don’t want to be saved anymore because I know that if I get to live, she would be unhappy. They don’t need to save me, I already saved her.


This is the story I never dared tell anyone else.

It’s raining again and it has been for two weeks now. It made the start of November a wet one, making winter very differently as not a single flake of snow has dropped.

I rush to finish my self-made bacon and baguet sandwich which, I would say, would pass French standards. I sip the remaining coffee just as the clock ticks 7:45. I am late. Of all days, this is the day I got late.

I ran out hoping somebody left the elevator open on my floor but unfortunately it was five floors down, and going lower. I waited impatiently for it to open and as I rode down, I thought that maybe, just maybe, this day would be a lucky one despite of the misfortunes I had as it started. I decided to take the Metro since rush-hour traffic in Paris won’t get me to the office in time.

So I walked to the Passy Station. “Five stations after I’m off.” I thought to myself. Then in than moment I saw someone across the street that looked just like me who happens to wear a jacket similar to the one I just forgot to bring. I stopped walking to see the man closely but just as then a woman ran into me and hit my back. When I looked up, he was gone.

“Was that a doppelganger?” I asked myself. “Ain’t seeing one supposed to be unlucky?” Ugh! There goes the luck I was hoping for.

It’s a different day today for two reasons. It’s my first day as News Editor of the Parisian Daily, a local, English-language, broadsheet where I’ve worked as a journalist for the past 3 years.

The second reason is that I am scheduled to meet…

(To be continued.)

(Author’s note: an incomplete draft of the story I’ve been writing for about 9 months now. Here’s a few parts, I’ll post the rest as soon as I finish the editing.)

(N.B.: This is entirely fictional and any similarities in events, persons or places is purely coincidental.)

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