I am writing this note as I am killing some time before our flight to Bacolod in about 5 hours. Just this month, I have been to Zamboanga, Baguio, and Sagada. I am flying to Bacolod and by the end of the month I’ll be in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.

I have always loved travelling. I am fortunate and blessed to have a job that lets me do two things I love: practice psychology and travel. I have seen many places because of my work-33 provinces if I am not mistaken. So imagine all the time I had spent on the road, in airports, in planes, boats, ferrys, jeepneys, tricycles, military trucks, and whatever mode of transport we have, in airports, piers, and bus stations. In those many hours, I have had so many thoughts and realizations. Let me share a few:

1. You never know what you can find in the places you go to. Sometimes you even find yourself.

The places I have visited have shown me amazing finds: food, clothing, souvenirs, home stuff, products, culture, language, places, activities, anything.

I have found friends in many of these places. Friends who have shared more than their time and space, most share their life stories. The last time I was in Guam, I decided to talk to strangers and share them my story. It was one if the best thing I did, although I admit it was quite scary. In Boracay we tried partying with strangers and made friends. In Aklan, I formed bonds with Koreans that traverse oceans and countries.

The most important find is always finding my self. Meeting people and places allowed me to discover who I am and where I want to be. The places I’ve been to helped me see beyond what I have been comfortable with. They helped me realize what I am missing and what I should be thankful for. The helped me discover things I never thought I can do.

2. Jump, Run, Fly, Swim, Dance, Sing, and be stupid.

One thing I love about travelling is the anonymity the new places bring. No one knows you and you can just be who you want to be at that moment. It’s easy to let go and just let it all out. My work often makes me uptight and being in a different place takes that away. Making me a better person each time I go back.

You can just sing like nobody’s listening or dance like no one is watching. You can run around a town like a kid and just enjoy the view. Climb mountains, explore caves, cross rivers, watch the sun rise then see it set. Play with mud, roll in the grass, or simply watch the stars. It is kinda therapeutic. You may regret some of the stupidity but in time you will remember how happy you were.

3. Waiting can be the hardest thing to do.

Yeah, I hate waiting. I sometimes think waiting is painful. It is. *insert #Hugot*

But I realized that waiting serves its purpose: it makes our choices clearer. It gives you that time to either continue or not. It gives you the choice to do other things than wait. In life, it is pretty much the same: we have a choice as to where we are and what we do. We have a choice to wait and waste time or use it for something productive.

You never know, letting that first train pass by and waiting for the next can actually be a good choice.

4. The best people out there don’t always seem to be the best; the same way the worst ones don’t always look bad.

Bottomline, don’t judge by appearance alone.

5. You live the moment.

Don’t just take photos or videos. Yes, you may need so much to keep as reminders of the trip, but the best memories are never deleted from your mind. Take a few photos then put that phone down. Live that moment because you never know if you can have the same again. Enjoy it while it lasts. So when it ends, you are just thankful for making the most of it.

So, since I need to rush to the airport now, a final word:

We are all travellers in this world. We travel to places. We travel to where we are and where we want to be in life. As they say, life is a journey. And as the also say, in every journey, the trip is as important (or even more) than the destination. But as you travel, be careful with the bridges you cross. Take only memories and leave nothing behind.

Travel more, especially with the people you love.

Later, guys!

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