Last November 4, 2014, we had the first Hug A Psych Major Day which was declared on November 2 (based from my posts). Why Hug A Psych Major Day?

The real story behind it is I was joking when I posted that November 4 is Hug A Psych Major Day because on that day, we expected the results of the first Board Licensure Examinations for Psychologists and Psychometricians (BLEPP) to be released by the Professional Regulations Commission. Everyone was anxious about the results and it was a way to lessen the anxiety for those who are waiting for the results. The hug was originally intended for the exam takers, but then almost all psych majors were waiting and anxious because they also know friends or classmates who took the exam. So it was a Hug A Psych Major Day!

Apart from lessening the anxiety of those waiting for the results, it also serves as a way to comfort those who failed the exam. Likewise, it can be considered a celebration for those who passed the exam and a celebration for another milestone in Philippine Psychology–a successful first board exam!

Why hug? Well, we know hugs are therapeutic and good for emotional and psychological well-being! Besides, a hug is something you give and receive at the same time.

I remember seeing a tweet that said “the one who started [it] wanted a very specific hug”. My thoughts were “psych major nga yung nagtweet”! In my defense (and I really am defending myself) there wasn’t a specific hug. There were hugs! Hahaha

So people started asking me when the #HugAPsychMajorDay will be this year. Honestly, I wanted it to be November 4, too. Like an annual celebration of some sort, but then I realized it did serve a reason and it should again this year. According to the schedule released by PRC, we expect the results of the July 2015 BLEPP on July 30. What if results will be released earlier or later? If earlier, the date stays on July 30. If later, well let’s extend until they are out? Hahaha

This is the story behind #HugAPsychMajorDay, a day for those who braved and took the challenge of the board exam. A day for those who passed and those who failed. A day when we celebrate all psych majors. A day when we celebrate our love for Psychology. On July 30, hug a psych major!

To BLEPP takers this year, I wish you the best! We are praying for all of you.

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